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We’re always looking for new ways to keep training fun. Hockey Revolution’s MY PUZZLE System has quickly become our favourite home training aid. More training aids

Unlike a traditional shooting and stickhandling boards the MY PUZZLE System from Hockey Revolution has coloured tiles strategically placed around it.

Hockey Revolution MY PUZZLE System hockey training aid

The idea behind the coloured tiles is that all of Hockey Revolution’s products give you FREE access to their training app. The app provides live instructions on where and when to move the puck or ball into each of the colour coordinated and numbered zones. This approach to training is not only incredibly addictive but also vastly more dynamic than simply stickhandling left and right. The complexity and speed of the instructions can be changed in the app depending on skill level or ability. There is even the option to add conditioning training to your stickhandling exercise.


The app will create a full workout for players of all ages and skill levels based on the Hockey Revolution’s products you own. This can involve passing, dynamic stickhandling, jumping, head fakes and spins to replicate movements on the ice.


MY PUZZLE System benefits

The best feature of the MY PUZZLE System is that this training aid helps players develop a feel for the puck and using their peripheral vision. Because players must look or listen to instructions on a tablet screen in front of the board, they cannot look directly down at their stick while practicing.

  • Develop dynamic stickhandling
  • Develop accurate short passes
  • Reaction time
  • Improve stick handling with your head up
  • Improve feel for the puck
  • Build endurance
  • Conditioning workouts from home
  • MY PUZZLE System is compact when disassembled


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