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Today we are going to look at 2 products to clean and grease your bearings. Now sometime a go we did a video on an alternative way to clean and grease your bearings , there was a lot of response to that video and so we listened to you; so therefore today we are going to look at a product that is regularly available in most 1st world countries.

Sonic Turbo Wash & Super Oil Review - Best way to clean and grease skate bearings 1

Sonic Turbo Wash & Super Oil Review - Best way to clean and grease skate bearings 4

We are going to look at the Sonic Turbo Wash and the Sonic Super Oil. The Sonic Turbo wash is like a washing machine for your bearings.

It is actually quite cool because it is very simple to use – all you have to do is put in your bearings and shake it.They will come out clean and then we will grease them with the Sonic Super Oil. Just take out the dirty bearing from the wheel, take the Sonic Turbo Wash, take off the sealing cap, take out the basket and insert your dirty bearing into the basket.

You can load up to 16 bearings at one time, in other words, wash all your skate bearings in just 1 wash! The sealing cap ensures that the liquid does not spill out of the container, thus making it ideal to have it in your hockey bag at all times.

Drop the loaded basket back into the container with the citrus cleaner liquid – be careful not to splash while inserting the basket – ensure a liquid free closure by popping the sealing cap back on and lastly tightly screw the outer cap back onto the container.

Now you can start shaking.

Since your bearings are made out of hardened steel, they will not get damaged while being shaken in the Sonic Turbo Wash.

By shaking you are essentially agitating all the dirty that is in the bearings and giving them an profuse cleaning.

After shaking for about a minute you can take out the basket and subsequently the cleaned bearings.

Dry off your bearings with a piece of paper cloth or towel. Once the bearings are dry, make sure to position them with the open side up in order to grease them with the Sonic Super Oil.

The Sonic Super Oil is a 100% synthetic oil that puts a protective film around the bearing, reducing the friction of the bearing ball with the holder that they are in.

We recommend you put 2 drops of Sonic Super Oil in each bearing.

You can use the citrus cleaner liquid up to 6 times, in other words you can clean your skates up to 6 times before you need to replace the liquid inside the Turbo Wash.

One way to extend the lifespan of the Citrus Cleaner is to filter out the dirt. You can do that using a coffee filter, this will actually separate any dirt and thus ensures that the liquid is quite clear, ready to be used again!.


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