Powerball Gyroscope Exerciser Unboxing & Review – How to improve wrist & arm strength for hockey

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What, why, how?

Powerball is a hand gyroscope – a tennis ball sized sphere containing a computer balanced flywheel which can revolve freely inside.

As soon as you put the flywheel spinning (by means of subtly rotating your wrist), it begins to generate an extraordinary force (otherwise known asgyroscopic inertia) which acts immediately against your fingers, hand, wrist, arm shoulder and even chest!

The ball weighs less than 300g but can pack a 40lb punch depending on the speed at which the rotor is spinning – the present world record is over 16,000rpm!…can you even come close?? 🙂 and will make even the fittest and strongest people on the planet burn because it is hitting muscles in the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and chest that you simply won’t have used before with conventional forms of exercise.


Does the Powerball really work?

After having used my original Powerball for a few months, I can safely say that it is the most effective device I have used to improve my wrist strength. This device (depending on how you use it) will work on improving your hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and chest strength and muscle endurance. I must say I haven’t felt much of an impact on my shoulder or chest, but my forearms, wrist and hands have definitely felt improvements.

How to use the PowerBall

Getting it started – There are a few different ways of getting the Powerball started i.e. with your finger or thumb quickly rubbed across the flywheel to get it spinning, using an auto start which features rubber trackers on the flywheel that can be rubbed across any hard surface.

I prefer the traditional method of inserting the string into the specially designed groves and tracks on the flywheel.

You need to then feed the string through the flywheel, once completed you need to hold onto the end of the string and pull it firmly and quickly to jump start the Powerball.

Once the Powerball gets going, you’ll need to hold your hands so that the tips of your fingers are facing downwards to the ground. Rotate your wrist in a circular motion slowly to keep the gyro rotating. Feel the gyroscopic forces take over. The faster you rotate your wrist the faster and the stronger these forces become. You’ll be able to hear it getting faster and it will sound somewhat like a motor boat.

The trick to getting the most benefits out of the Powerball is to keep your arms as still as possible, only rotate your wrist and NOT your whole arm. Start of slowly and feel the burn.


Different Powerball Exercises

Forearm Clockwise rotation

Forearm Anti Clockwise Rotation

Biceps workout

Chest workout

Deltoid workout

Wrist rotation workout

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