Panari Sky Centre Hotel Ice Skating and Hockey Rink in Nairobi Kenya (East Africa)

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Ice rink in East Africa?

Ice skating at Panari Center is one of Kenya’s more unusual activities; a mass of ice inside a building in a land where the sun beats down on the plains relentlessly. The Panari Sky Center is an architectural wonder, located within 4 miles of the city centre and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The immaculately designed exterior of the Panari Sky center is mirrored by inner beauty and the functionality: it has a shopping mall, cinemas, hotel, a range of outlets in the food courts catering for exotic tastes, and an ice rink. The ice rink is the first of its kind in East Africa, and is located on the second floor of the centre.

Size – 15,000 square feet of ice

Ice Rink Design – Alpine ambiance (with snow paintings on the wall and sophisticated lighting)


The rink may accommodate 200 skaters at a time, ensuring that, Ice skating at Panari Center will allow you to enjoy the freedom of movement as you skate, learn to skate, or teach someone to skate in groups of family and friends.

Lessons at Pinari (Why Visit?)

Trainers are available to train beginner skaters and you may hire skating boots from the rink. Many tourists enjoy getting on the ice to combine a chilling reminiscence of home with a blistering safari where they encounter some of the majestic beasts of the vast plains of Kenya, such as lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, cheetahs and all the plain animals of Kenya. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a favourite activity in Kenya.


Ice Hockey At Panari Sky Centre Hotel

Panari Sky Centre welcome tourists and locals to play hockey on Wednesday nights 9pm until 10pm (warm up for hockey begins at 7pm) and also Sunday’s at 9am to 10am, Sunday sessions also welcome junior players for training with Panari’s South African Hockey Player and Head Junior Coach Mark Eddie.

Rental Skates and hockey equipment?

If you do not have your own skates or hockey equipment, the ice rink will provide you with equipment to use. They have a range of both Ice Hockey Skates and General Ice Skating Skates.

Staff and Management?

The Staff and Management at Panari are increadibly helpful and polite.

Prices for skating and Hockey?

Each skating session during business open hours is priced at 1000KSH (Kenya shillings) which is around £8




Why not take some time out of your training and preparation for Kilimanjaro and visit the Panari Sky Centre to glide across the ice, walk around the shopping centre or dine at the immaculate restaurants. While in Kenya, make the most of your holiday by exploring the rich culture and natural environment of Kenya. Scuba dive of the coast of Malindi, or snorkel amongst the reefs that explode with color and tropical sea life. Restaurants provide for a wide range of tastes, with international cuisine and local cuisine.


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