The North Pole – Cambridge Parkers Piece Ice Rink Review Ice Box

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New operator Ice Box Entertainments has brought  a 6,500 sq ft ice rink, plus a decked terrace for spectators and a café-bar where friends and family can enjoy hot chocolate and mulled wine. This eagerly awaited ice rink is finally up and running, from myself being a hockey player and avid skater I can say that I was more than happy to welcome The North Pole into Cambridge.

How big is the Ice rink – 6,500 square feet of space to skate and train are more than enough to keep me happy, its safe to stay a lot of visitors will be pleasantly surprised which the skating space.

Facilities – The ice rink offers a decked terrace for any spectators to watch the rink side action from outside and also a cafe where they can enjoy a good selection of food drink while watching the ice action. For all you over 18’s there is also a licensed bar.

Staff – The Staff at The North Pole are incredibly polite and welcoming. I also hung around to see how they interacted with younger visitors and children, very professional, supporting and cheerful 9/10 with a special mention to 2 staff members named Olley T and Max. Management were also a pleasure to speak with.

Equipment – The rink offers a wide selection of sizes and skates, of course any rental skates might not offer you the comfort you expect or desire (universal with all ice rinks). In these cases its always recommended that you purchase your own skates to avoid discomfort on the ice.


  • Adult £8.50 (before 5pm)
  • Adult at Peak £9.95 (after 5pm)
  • Students and Under 16 £6.50


These prices are for 45 minutes of ice time. This might place a few people on edge but I find the price totally acceptable considering the running costs of an out door rink. Aside from that if you added up the cost of visiting the nearest rink in Peterborough or Chelmsford, You’d soon spend much much more just on getting to the ice rink plus the price of a session £6-8 depending on rink.

The North Pole also offers a programme of events including live ice carving displays, local choirs performing Christmas songs, and sets from acoustic acts and DJs, all-round highly entertaining and a MUST VISIT to anyone in Cambridge Dec 2012- January 2013Click here for more information –


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