In the hockey bag with HockeyTutorial Chris – What equipment & why

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In the hockey bag with Hockeytutorial Chris. What equipment I have and why.

Coupon code “Hockeytutorial” Speed Hockey’s The Savior (calf, achilles and high ankle protector)

Coupon code “Hockeytutorial” Find the POWERFOOT, POWERJOCK, POWERSTRAP at

Full review of Grit Airbox –…

Grit Hockey-

Equipment List:

Stick – Zeal Hockey PK1000 & ZEAL Nova K1
Bag – Grit INC Airbox (best hockey shoulder bag out)
Skates – CCM JetSpeed
Skate inserts – AdrenalineDesign POWERFOOT
Helmet – CCM Quicklite (Fitlite)
Gloves – STX Surgeon 500 & Warror QRL PRO
Shoulder Pads – Reebok 18k
Shorts – Reebok 18k
Elbow Pads – CCM QuickLite
Leg pads – Bauer ONE.4
Calf, Achilles and high ankle pad – Speed Hockey ‘The Savior’
Leg Straps – AdrenalineDesign POWERSTRAP
Unders – Bauer 37.5
Under – AdrenalineDesign POWERJOCK

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