Best Ice Hockey Skates Of 2012 So far (Intermediate Level)

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In this article I will be discussing the best value ice hockey skates of 2012 so far for an intermediate level. As new products and prices enter the skate and hockey market it can be increasingly confusing to decide which is the best value for your intended level.

This years winner – Reebok White K Senior Ice Hockey Skates


The Reebok White K Pump Ice Hockey Skate is a unique skate to Reebok’s newest K line up.  The White K comes with a white trimmed boot, the white Reebok E-Pro holder and the white felt on the tongue which gives the skate a custom look.

What makes these skates special 

The White K is basically a mash up between the 12K and the 14K.  It has the same tongue as the 12K, and the same quarter package as the 14K, but all three skates share the same Reebok E Pro blade holder and the performance lite scalloped runner.

How are the Reebok White K different from the previous skates

Reebok has redesigned the pump for this years line up.  They have moved The Pump™ slightly back towards the Achilles tendon to get better air flow into the bladder’s and keeping it out of harms way.  Reebok also did give it a sleeker look as the actual pump and release does not stick out as much, also giving The Pump™ better protection around it.

Overview & Features of the Rebook White K Skates 

The White K were designed to maximise power transfer while providing a customised fit that enhances the skates stride. The Dynamic Support System or DSS is evident throughout the series and refers to the ideal skate construction which optimises flexibility and stiffness. The White K has a generous fit profile but incorporates the Pump technology which allows air to circulate around the ankle for great heel lock and a customised fit. These skates also feature the lace lock system which allows for different tightness variability in the upper portion of the skates laces and the lower portion.

Reebok uses its max amor 5 construction in the quarter which is a multi lay package with a high density foam core, it offers a decent amount of lateral support the flexion and spinal zones are reinforced with this HD foam. This quarter package construction makes this skates Heat mouldable which adds to the great amount of customisation this skate has an also reduces break in time. the tongue is made of the main components felt, comfort foam and lace bite protector. The outsole is a vented (features moisture removing holes) fibre glass composite outsole which provides a rigid and very responsive base of the skates to be mounted on.

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