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How long have we been ice skating ?

The first ice skates and the history of ice skates

An iron skate found in Scandinavia dates to 200AD, but people likely put blades made of bone under their shoes even earlier than that. Skaters tied on their blades with straps until the advent of the skate boot in the 1900, todays skate are light weight and high-tech and design for specific sports like Speed Skating, Ice Hockey and Figure Skating

“According to a study done by Federico Formenti, University of Oxford, and Alberto Minetti, University of Milan, Finns were the first to develop ice skates some 5,000 years ago from animal bones.This was important for the Finnish populations to save energy in harsh winter conditions when hunting in Finnish Lakeland.The first skate to use a metal blade was found in Scandinavia and was dated to 200 and was fitted with a thin strip of copper folded and attached to the underside of a leather shoe.”

(Sketch of the first ice skates found)

(Artists interpretation of the ice skates made of bone)

Ever wondered how Ice hockey Skates are made ?

In this article we’ll take a look at a video create by ‘How It’s Made’ that breaks down the steps a hockey skates goes through before its ready to hit the ice (how ice hockey skates are made).

Step by step we’ll see how the materials are put together to result in the ice hockey skates we all know and love.

(How Ice Hockey Skates are made Bauer)


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