Green Biscuit Pro Off Ice Training Puck Review

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Review of the new off ice training puck from Green Biscuit; The Green Biscuit Pro.

What is it for?

The Green Biscuit Pro is a variation or improvement of the original Green Biscuit puck. This new puck is meant for passing, deke’ing and stick handling only. So if you’re after a puck for shooting, get the Green Biscuit Snipe.


The Green Biscuit Pro is constructed the same way the original Green Biscuit: Two discs made from a very slippery plastic with 3 bolts to hold them all together. The two discs are able to move independently from each other, acting like shock absorbers. The only difference is the groove cut into the sides of the 2 discs that allow the new rubber strips to sit in place.

Green Biscuit Pro off ice training puck new 2013


The New Green Biscuit Pro is also slightly heavier than the original, this has been done to give the puck a more realistic and rubber puck like feel.

NEW Green Biscuit Pro Off Ice Training Puck



How does it feel?

The GB Pro performs just as well as the original GB with the added advantage of feeling much more like a puck on the ice. The only concern is that with the new added rubber strips, the puck can get caught and flip over while sliding on very rough surfaces. This will make an excellent addition to your home training kit or warm up kit while off the ice.


The new grooves that has been cut into the puck to situate the rubber strips leave a very thin edge. This means that if the puck hits something HARD, it will crack or break. This is the biggest disadvantage with new the design so avoid any sort of harmful antics which the new puck (save that for the Green Biscuit Snip). If you use this puck for what is was intended for (passing, deke’ing and stick handling) you’ll have no problems.

Green Biscuit Pro off ice training puck new 2013 2



How does the new puck hold up against all the others?

Green Biscuit Pro off ice training puck new 2013 4



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