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Last week we saw the fan favourite NHL All Star weekend come to Nashville. This gave our favourite hockey brands a chance to show the world their new products that are soon to be due for release.

The Easton Synergy GX hockey stick features all new Shot Boost Technology (SBT). Shot Boost Technology consists of mini coils of carbon fiber in the corners of the shaft which are used to generate more blade speed and provide additional strength. The result is a 46% increase in strength in a bend to break test over the Synergy HTX.


Power Taper technology in the Easton Synergy GX stick is a newly engineered taper geometry which will allow you to transfer more power to the blade on every shot. Hypertuned2 technology is included which tailors the flex of each blade to the shaft flex. This will help create a more responsive blade.


Excess material in the taper has been removed as part of Easton’s Hyperlite design. This helps the new Easton Synergy GX stick to maintain a blade light balance. Meanwhile, Exo Rim technology in the blade is designed to add velocity to your shot through stability. This technology helps to power the blade through the puck for an increase in velocity and accuracy.

The Easton Synergy GX stick will also feature Hypertoe technology. This stiffened toe design allows for a more responsive shot when shooting off the toe of the blade.

Easton will also incorporate their XTX Resin into the new Synergy GX stick. This reinforced matrix provides impact strength and stretch properties which promote shaft responsiveness and performance.

What do you think about Easton’s new twig? Will you be adding it to your wish list?

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