Hockeytutorial inline – How to tutorial videos & guides for inline hockey players

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You’ve joined us on our travels across the world showing you how hockey is played in different places. Normally we focus around ice hockey which got us thinking…

Hockey isn’t only played on the ice, there are a variety of different kinds of hockey that often go over looked. Today you join us here in Eeklo in Belgium where the hockey players lost their rink due to running costs. The players here had two choices, stop playing hockey or adapt!

The players here hung up there runners and switched to chaises. inline hockey saved the lively hood of these hockey players but often goes unmentioned because of the absence of an inline NHL equivalent. What we love about inline hockey is how accessible it is! because there is no ice or cost of maintaining it more countries with very different climates can have it.


Our mission is to inspire and grow the sport of hockey, not just ice hockey! so with great pleasure we’d like to introduce a new addition to hockeytutoiral family “inline hockeytutorial” today I’m joined here by Jens a passionate player and inline coach with an extensive background in the sport.

Hockeytutorial inline

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