Difference Between Ice and Inline Hockey Equipment – Ice Hockey vs Roller Hockey

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In our first inline/roller tutorial we’ll be taking a look at the difference between the equipment used when compared to ice hockey equipment.


Difference between ice and inline hockey equipment – Skates

The most obvious difference is with the skates. Ice hockey skates are comprised of a boot attached to a plastic lightweight blade holder and blade (also referred to as a runner). Inline skates are comprised of a boot (which can be identical to the boots used in ice hockey) attached onto a metal chassis with rubber wheels and metal bearings.

Because of the parts use to construct each type of skate, you can expect a weight difference. The inline skates will weigh a little more than the ice skates.


Difference between ice and inline hockey equipment – Pads

The majority of the equipment used for inline hockey is actually the same as ice hockey. This includes the shin or leg pads, sticks, gloves and elbow pads. Inline players often do not use shoulder pads due to the absence of checking or because of comfort related issues (heat). The of course depends on the country and rules of the league you play in.


Taking a look at the helmets, again these will be the same as ice hockey. Players also have the choice between nothing, visors, cages, or a combination of both.



Difference between ice and inline hockey equipment – Hockey Pants and girdles

Moving onto the hockey pants, this is where we see a big difference.

Ice hockey pants – These are much bigger and bulky without any significant contouring which allows them to move around fairly freely.

Inline hockey girdle – These are constructed to be much more contouring and close fitting. All of the panels are constructed to fit closely unlike the free hanging hockey pants. The inline girdle also features air pockets to allow a better circulation of air because inline hockey is traditionally played indoors. Staying cool is a big factor for inline player.


Difference between ice and inline hockey equipment – Pucks

The difference between ice and inline pucks may seem insignificant but can have a massive effect on your performance and ability. Because of the difference in space and weight, your stickhandling, drilling and shooting cant be drastically effected.

Ice puck – Solid rubber and flat on either side Plastic with raised points to reduce friction. Weight 5.7oz

Inline puck – Plastic with raised points to reduce friction. Weight 4.15oz



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