How To Do The Saucer Pass – Ice Hockey Make A Saucer Pass Tutorial

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How to make a saucer pass – how to perform or do a saucer pass

Begin with the puck on the heel of the sticks blade, roll the puck from the heel of the sticks blade to the toe, at the same time you need to push/pass the puck while lifting the blade of the stick off the ice (to get the puck in the air) towards the intended target using the heel of the sticks blade as your aimer (unlike the wrist shot, don’t used the toe of the blade to aim)

Key points (saucer passing facts)

  • Roll the puck from the heel of the sticks blade to the toe
  • Keep your stick blade in an open position
  • Blade of the stick comes off the ice to get the puck in the air
  • Use the heel of the blade to aim

How to saucer pass on the ice

This is a pass that lifts the hockey puck off the ice while in flies in the air like a flying saucer hens the name. This is a great puck passing method when surround or being marked during a game, this passing method makes the puck much harder to intercept than a standard or normal pass where the puck travels along the ice.

So when the opposing team is in between you and your team mate, you can pass the puck to your team mate by lifting it passed the opposing teams sticks (hard to intercept).

By lifting the puck in the area and focusing it to spin like a saucer, it’s hard for the opposition to intercept it, when the puck lands back on the ice, as it was spinning flat and not flipping all over the place, it lands flat on the ice making it incredibility easy for your team  mate to receive it.


To perform a saucer pass you need to slice the puck from the heel to the toe of the sticks blade


Leave your stick blade open

Use the heel of the sticks blade to aim the pucks direction

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