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This drill involves a passer standing stationary at the top of the centre ice circle

The Skater will be skating around the centre ice circle while pivoting from forwards to backwards

It’s essential that you face the passer the whole time your skating around the circle regardless of which direction your skating in.

This is a great and quick drill to set up and perform that requires next to no equipment, this drill can also be performed off the ice with inline skates and a green biscuit or Swedish wooden hockey ball (slightly harder off the ice)


  • This drill will improve your control and agility with the puck.
  • Ability to receive and control the puck when passed at odd angles.
  • Pivoting and skating backwards and forwards.
  • Edge control.



  • Keep your hands and stick forward or in front of you
  • Stick ready to receive or make a pass
  • Use proper pivots
  • Keep your body balanced and in control
  • Watch the passer in order to receive the pass
  • When passing the puck back, look at the passer and not the puck

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