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What is the EZPuck One-Timer?

The EZPuck One-timer is a Hockey Puck rebounding device that can be attached to hockey floor tiles, hockey shooting and skill pads or even remain stationary on a smooth surface for you to practice without hockey tiles or shooting pads. This device allows the player to practice a wide range of useful skills while and home or with friends, its design means that you can develop soft and quick hands for receiving a pass and most importantly work on your slap shots, wrist shots and snap shots with a puck in motion.


How does the EZPuck One-Timer work?

Although the hockey shooting pads allow you to practice your slap shots from anywhere (like keeping your expensive hockey stick safe), the EZPuck One-Time takes your practice to the next level by adding movement to the puck while you shoot it, by adding motion to the puck while practicing, you get a much more realistic practice style “just like on the ice” as during a game of hockey, the puck will 9 times out of ten the puck will be moving while your taking your shots, this allows you to build on your ability to quickly adjust your body position, take aim and shoot the puck while its in motion, all of these skills help you to become a more responsive and skilled hockey player. So by practicing these key skills you’ll be able to elevate your game all from home, at a friends or in a park.

What is the EZPuck One-Timer made up of?

The main body of the device

Develop soft and quick hands for receiving a pass

  • Easily attaches to hockey shooting pads or hockey floor tiles
  • Great for practicing onetimers
  • Comes with 1 additional replacement relax band
  • Includes 2 self taping screws for easy attachment to hockey floor tiles or hockey shooting pads



Add this to the OneTimer for use on ice, polished concrete or other smooth surfaces * Allows the OneTimer to remain stationary when not attached to a board.


Does it all work?

The EZPuck One Timer stands as one of the most useful training aids for developing your slap shot technique with the puck in motion, practicing your slap shot with the puck in motion is the most realistic way to develop those skills.

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