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Whether you play beer league or hope to turn pro, here are some essentials that every player should consider before the new season begins.

New hockey season mind set

It’s always recommended that you take some time out before the new season to think about what you aim to achieve. Whether it’s progressing to a more advanced team or changing  your arena to bring you one step closer to a better career in hockey. Setting yourself achievable goals is the best we to get the most out of a new season.

Is your Hockey Equipment serviceable

Now that the season is fast approaching, if you haven’t been playing any pick up during the off season it’s a great ideas to check you still have all your equipment. A quick look over your bag will ensure you have a good start to the season without finding out you’re missing any essential pieces. At the same time you’re ensuring all your equipment is there, check the condition of it to see if its capable of getting you through the another season. The last thing you want is to get to the locker room to find out you need a new helmet, gloves or pair of skates.

Hockey skate runners/blades

This is something that goes overlooked a lot of the time. If your runners are extremely thin or have been really beaten up, change them. This is a vital piece of your skates that must be kept in optimal condition. We filmed a video showing you the best runner/blade options currently available. Find the video below.

Are your runners sharpened

An easy way to ensure you get a good start to the season is by getting a fresh grind. making sure your skates are sharpened and ready is easy and goes a long way. If you play hockey very often or have multiple people around you that do, perhaps getting your own skate sharpener might be great option. Here is a link to the review of the SPARX home skate sharpener and a link to pick up your own

Sparx home skate sharpener review 

Buy your own Sparx…

Get a new water bottle

Water bottles can tend to get a little nasty of a season or two. Getting a new water bottle will go a long way and is very inexpensive.

Do you need a new hockey stick ?

Your hockey stick is another vital piece of equipment, you can’t score without it. Checking your stick to see if you need an upgrade is always strongly recommended. If your stick has a lot of damage, it may be a great ideas to replace it. The last thing you’d want is a stick breaking during a critical moment in a game.

We’ve created a few videos to making buying a stick a little easier

Best hockey stick for under $99 USD

5 things EVERY hockey player should know before buying a stick

Do you need a new Hockey bag ?

Hockey bags take a lot of abuse. Taking a quick look over your bag to ensure it’s good enough to take you through another season is quick and easy.

If you find your bag is beaten up and needs replacing, we’d recommend looking at GRIT inc. Specifically their, AIRBOX and FLEX Tower bags. These are easily new best bags on the market because the keep your equipment organise and easy to reach but most importantly because they are breathable! GRIT’s bags are designed to allow air to flow through the bag helping to keep bacterial to a minimum keep your equipment cleaning and lasting longer.

We have a new video on hockey bags coming shortly, in the mean here is an previous video on hockey bag options:


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