Tight Turns

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Tight Turns

While crossovers are the best way to gain top speed in turning corners, it is also very important to learn how to turn quickly while keeping both skates close together. Hockey is not a game played skating in a straightforward motion; you must be able to turn quickly and confidently. When wanting to quickly change directions, a quick turn with both skates together will get you going in the desired direction a lot faster. Master the tight turn (pivot) and you’ll have a great advantage in many game situations. Proper Technique

? Make sure your knees are bent deeply (ahead of your toes), your upper body is straight, your head is up in the center of your shoulders and that your eyes are pointing forward as you enter the turn

? As you begin to turn, shift your body weight into the inside leg (the inside hip guides the turn)

? Keep the inside shoulder pressing up to remain parallel to the ice surface (try to maintain outside shoulder as parallel to the ice as possible)

? Your outside leg glides next to your turning inside leg, and your skates turn simultaneously in the same direction

? Once you have turned and are going in the desired direction, execute a sharp crossover and apply the quick start principles to gain top speed Tips

? Keep your eyes pointing forward as you turn

? Exaggerate the knee bend, as you must be very balanced to turn as quickly as possible

? The sharper you want to turn, the more downward body weight you should apply entering the turn

? Use your hips as the steering wheel as you execute the turn and keep your legs close together to get a quicker turn

? Focus on maintaining as much speed as you can while turning ? Keep your stick in front of you (preferably both hands on the stick

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