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The Indoor Pond Hockey Classic in Antwerp, Belgium are an indoor tournament for recreational players from all over the world. This tournament brings the atmosphere of playing hockey on the pond to an indoor arena in a country without natural ice. The nature of the IPHC means players are as focused on the winner aspect of the game, there is much more focus on networking as international hockey players. Building bridges, making friends and sharing our love for hockey. The best tournament we have ever attended.

indoor pond hockey classic belgium hockeytutorial indoor pond hockey classic belgium hockeytutorial 2


For the last 2 years we’ve been taking road trips from the UK to Belgium to take part in this tournament. It’s the most enjoyable tournament we have ever played in and always look forward to this adventure. We’ve been privileged enough to meet someone inspiring players and make a lot of new great videos.IMG_5366


We seriously enjoyed this trip and wanted to share all our favourite moments with you. Join us behind-the-scenes as we journey to Antwerp, Belgium for an international ice hockey tournament hosted by Hockey Community (featuring over 236 players from 8 countries).

Indoor Pond Hockey Classic Antwerp Belgium

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