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What is an Ice Hockey Shooting Pad?

(Pro Size Hockey Shooting Pad & Large Hockey Shooting Skill Pad Review (UK & Europe))

Hockey shooting pad is a synthetic material that best resembles and behaves like ice (allows the puck to slides as though it’s on ice). Hockey shooting pads are great to have if you want to practice shooting and stick handling off of the ice. Hockey is a unique sport because it is hard to practice the same skills off the ice, this is why it is great to have a hockey shooting pad as you can do this from home.



How can it help me improve or practice my Slap Shots/Wrist Shots?

Shooting pads give you a nice flat, smooth, and almost slippery area to shoot off. There are a lot of different sizes of shooting pads, most players go with the pro size because it gives them a lot of room to shoot and stickhandle. The shooting pads are an amazing tool to have as they allow you to develop your stickhanding and shooting your home own home (Garden or park) they are designed with a continent handle to make transporting them simple. They fit in the boot of most car (back seat if in a small car) are relatively light and easy to store away after use, anyone with a desire to practice from home and become a better players (stick handler and shooter) I would recommend buying.


Cosmetic marks?

These marks come from frequent use of the pads, the marks are purely cosmetic and DO NOT affect the performance of the Hockey Shooting Pads (Hockey Skill Pads) So do not be alarmed if they begin to appear.





Hockey Shooting or Skill Pad Thickness







Folded Hockey Shooting pad?

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