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What is the Trion Skate Weight?

The Trion skate weight (SK8 W8) is a weighted device that is designed to fit underneath a wide range of ice hockey skates. The SK8 W8 system using an almost “wrench” design that will fit securely in the gap between the blade holder and the boot. The skate weight comes with removable weight plates which means you can adjust how much weight you would like to use.





Skate Weight Overview and test at Pinari Sky Centre Hotel and Ice Rink


Types of Skate Weights

There are three types of skate weights:

  • The Junior (features 2 weight plates)
  • The Original or Standard (3 weight plates)
  • The Pro.(4 weight plates)


The model we used in our review was the Original/Standard skate weight.

Testing the Trion Skate Weight (SK8 W8)

We had a detailed look at the Trion Skate Weight system and come confirm it will fit the following skates

  • Mission Fuel
  • MLX Skates
  • Bauer Vapor and Supreme
  • RBK
  • Graf
  • Easton
  • CCM

(Sizes 9 and under fit exceptionally well, sizes 10+ Pro Size Skate Weight would be recommended) As the Pro Size features 1 additional Weight, it is slightly longer in length thus, fitting the large skates more securely.  So the Junior fits in smaller skate sizes, and the Pro will fit much larger skate sizes.

We have been able to fit the Standard size Skate Weight system to our size 10 MLX Skates and Size 10 Bauer Supreme One90 without any problems at all. I locked the weights into place and gave my skates a good shake to make sure that the weights would not come loose (as seen in the video review).





Reduce the weight by removing one of the 3 weights inside the SK8W8













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