Oxford vs Cambridge – 96th Varsity ice hockey game in England

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The Ice Hockey Varsity Match between the Oxford Blues and the Cambridge Blues is believed to date back to 1885 when the first Ice Hockey Varsity Match was played on the frozen lakes of St. Moritz, Switzerland. According to records kept by Cambridge, Oxford won this inaugural game 6-0.

To date there have been 96 Varsity Matches between these two teams, composed of hockey players attending Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the oldest and second oldest Universities in the English speaking world respectively. As such it is one of the oldest ongoing rivalries in hockey.

Today the game is part of the British Universities Ice Hockey Association, in which it features as the final game of the Division One regular season. The game continues to be played for the Patton Cup, the official Varsity Match trophy first awarded in St. Moritz in 1927.
For more information on the game please visit www.theicehockeyvarsitymatch.com.
For more information on the Oxford Blues and Cambridge Blues teams please visit www.oxfordicehockey.com and http://ksn26.user.srcf.net and follow the teams on facebook at
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