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Your questions answered with NHL Hockey Equipment Customiser Marco Argentino. CCM Total Custom Hockey Skate made in 6 hours –


04:30 How important is good equipment in-order for a player to perform?
08:05 Does incorrect equipment effect performance ?
10:03 NHL gear vs Retail gear
11:05 Which players gear do you have right now?
12:10 Most unique custom element made to an NHL players equipment ?
12:51 Hardest NHL player to satisfy with equipment
14:04 Craziest mod made for an NHL player?
14:35 Any tips for regular players to help customise their own gear ?
15:20 Most memorable NHL modification ?
16:16 Most difficult customisations
17:08 Best memory from working with NHL players?
18:14 Which NHL players are you customising equipment for right now?

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5 things all players should know about Sticks –

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