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This article is dedicated to showing you some of the stickhandling drills you can practice off and on the ice, if you’d like to practice them off the ice, Coach Bob Acton recommends using a Swedish Stickhandling Ball (Available here) as this best replicates the movement of a puck off the ice.

These are  some of the stick handling drills performed by 17 year old Mathew Tse. Leaning to stick handle does not require ice, rather persistence and imagination. Whether it be done on a piece of synthetic ice or Ice Hockey Shooting Boards / Pads, with a puck, off ice with various balls(Swedish Ball) or on ice, you must make it a part of your daily routine to see serious improvement.Swedish Stickhandling Training Ball (Hockey)Ice Hockey Shooting & Stickhandling Skill Pad or Board

You will notice that Mathew is also working on a flip pass over the stick, which many advanced players will use to get by a defender. This is a great drill you can work on from home.

At the end of our video, we have an 11 year old team, working on a transition puck handling drill that requires a give and get pass, with a toe drag and then a shot.

As mentioned, if you want to be proficient in this skill,you must work on these drills every day and this will make you a very dangerous players!

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